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Assessment-Gradebook API Resource

OpenLoop provides a RESTful interface for uploading assessment scores to the School Loop Gradebook. Assessment scores uploaded via this API are queued in an inbox for each teacher; the teacher can then link the assessment score to a new or existing assignment, and add it to their SL Gradebook (Gradebook version 4 only).


The Assignment Assessment resource allows applications to upload assessment scores to School Loop. The POST operation is summarized below:

Operation HTTP Method Description Example URI
Insert POST Add assessment
Posting Assessments

The add-assessments operation is executed with a simple http POST command. The URI format to POST grades is (replace “myhs” with your target school). The POST’ed data must be assessment XML that adhere’s to the schema below.

Note that a valid user-name and password must be set in the HTTP Authorization header.

For example, if the assessments to be inserted is stored in a file called, “assessment.xml”, then a post to the web service using the curl utility could be made with the command:

curl -X POST –data-binary “@assessment.xml” “”

Service Response

Successful assessment-post operations return the HTTP status code SC_OK (200) and a one-line text response: “SUCCESS”If an operation fails, a error status code and detailed message describing the failure is returned.

Assignment Assessment XML Schema

The XML schema for importing assessment scores to the gradebook is below. Note that the TestID field should be unique for a given upload; if another set of assessment scores is imported with the same ID, it will overwite the previous scores – in other words act as an update or correction to previously imported data. Scores can be added as “PercentCorrect” as in the example below, or as raw score using “ScaledScore”.

<Assessment TestID=”002″ Name=”Illuminate Assessment Scores” SchoolYear=”2009-2010″ Subject=”Math” AdministrationDate=”2011-04-01T00:00:00″>
<CutRange MinScore=”1″ MinScoreCode=”FBB” MinScoreDesc=”Far Below Basic” />
<CutRange MinScore=”2″ MinScoreCode=”BB” MinScoreDesc=”Below Basic” />
<CutRange MinScore=”3″ MinScoreCode=”B” MinScoreDesc=”Basic” />
<CutRange MinScore=”4″ MinScoreCode=”P” MinScoreDesc=”Proficient” />
<CutRange MinScore=”5″ MinScoreCode=”A” MinScoreDesc=”Advanced” />
<Student LastName=”Rodgers” FirstName=”Rebekah” StudentID=”12086805″ PercentCorrect=”89.90″ TeacherID=”206″ Teacher=”Sanchez, Dave” />