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Academic Performance Resource

The OpenLoop API Performance Resource provides a web-interface for downloading current School Loop student grades and scores.


This resource requires a secret API key from the School District. Each GET operation must have a valid API key set for the “APIKey” header. Contact a District Administrator to obtain a key for access to this API resource.


The Performance Resource allows an HTTP GET of currently publishes student performance data:


Operation Method Description Example URI
Create GET Get performance data


IMPORTANT: All posts must use SSL (https). The HTTP header “APIKey” must be set with a valid API key for this resource, obtained from the school district. An error code and message is returned if a call fails to execute.

Getting Performance

The get performance operation returns current marking period grades for each student in each course in CSV format.


The columns are:

School student permanent ID

School course ID

School teacher ID

School section ID

Letter Grade

Percent score

Number of zeros

Number of assignments

Marking Period

URL to the progress report on School Loop

1/31/19 3:43 PM
2/4/18 8:09 PM
3/1/18 2:41 PM