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Grade Import Resource

OpenLoop API Grade Resource all the import of grades into the gradebook.  Must be used in conjuntion with the Roster Resource.


The Grades resource allows applications to upload grade data for student assignments into School Loop gradebooks. The operations are summarized below:

Operation HTTP Method Description Example URI
Create POST Add grades


IMPORTANT: The HTTP authorization headers must be set with a valid, privileged School Loop user name, and your web-service password. For example “jsmith:mywebpass”. Note also that all parameters must be properly URL encoded. All successful web-service POST calls return HTTP status SC_OK on successful completion. An error code, and detailed message is returned if a call fails to execute for any reason.

Posting Grades

The add-grades operation is executed with a simple http POST command. The URI format to create a new HP group is

The POST’ed data must consist of grade-records, one-per-line, in the format:

section-id student-id assignment-id grade

For example:

118745742305 118745854898 118890973032 A+

118745745305 118745854498 189890973032 A+

118745725305 118745859382 118990973032 C

118745425305 118745845897 118890973032 B-

All ID’s are School Loop system ID’s. Note that a valid user-name and password must be set in the HTTP Authorization header.

Service Response

Successful grade-post operations return the HTTP status code SC_OK (200) and a one-line text response: “SUCCESS”

If an operation fails, an error status code and detailed message describing the failure is returned.