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Senior Account Executive

School Loop is hiring a Senior Account Executive to drive sales of School Loop Standard 2.0 (SLS2), our CMS.  Founded by a teacher in 2004, School Loop today serves thousands of schools in over 30 states.  Our customers include many of the country's largest districts, including Los Angeles Unified and Albuquerque Public Schools.

Key Tasks

Pipeline.  You will be responsible end to end for the sales pipeline, working to develop opportunities and manage them through close.  

Business Development.  You will respond to inbound leads and prospect for new business in a targeted and efficient manner.

Presentations.  You must be able to effectively present our features and benefits, handle objections, and engage in professional sales relationships.

Contracting.  You will complete the contracting process, and ensure that projects move into implementation and get billed properly.

Update CRM.  You will keep pipeline, contacts, documents, and other relevant information updated in our CRM.


Professional Sales Skills.  You must have a progressive, professional sales methodology that you apply to your day-to-day activities.

Relationship Building.  You must be able to build trust-based relationships that reflect our values and yours.

Process pro.  You must demonstrate the ability to stay organized, juggle many activities, prioritize, and document effectively.

Software Use.  You must be able to use our CMS, and be able to demonstrate its features, to use a CRM (not Salesforce, but similar),  and our various productivity and collaboration tools.

Communication.  You need to speak and write well.  You must be a great listener. 


Experience. 8+ years professional SaaS sales experience, preferably in K-12, but minimally in business-to-business markets.

Home Office.  We all work from home.  You must have home work environment conducive to success.

Education.  We are more interested in your work experience than we are your education.  As long as you can demonstrate the required skills, that's all that matters.

Travel.  While most day-to-day work is online, you will be expected to travel to conferences and other events.

English Language.  You must speak English fluently and be comfortable with nuance and idiom.  You must be articulate and be able to be understood over the phone.

About Us

School Loop is mission-driven software company serving K-12 districts since 2004.  We are small in number but mighty in terms of ambition and on what we deliver.  We work smart, we know how to laugh, and we like each other.    We expect everyone to do their job with minimal supervision.  In fact, the job of most managers here is to make sure our people don't put too much pressure on themselves or take on more than is reasonable.  We don't do drama, we don't complain, we just get the job done.  And that job helps millions of kids have a chance at a brighter future.  Feels pretty good.



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