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K-12 Institutions Must be ADA/508 Compliant

The OCR is cracking down on compliance, putting federal funds at risk.  Not only must your sites start off compliant, they have to stay that way.  

School Loop ADA/508 Certification

School Loop is certified to help users author WCAG AA compliant content.  Our CMS has been through an exhaustive review by experts.  It would be one thing for us to say we're compliant.  It's another thing for the leading university-based authority on compliance to say so.

25 Things You Can Strike From Your Worry List

School Loop is engineered from the ground up to be a compliant authoring system.  We are certified to prevent 25 common user errors, errors that you can stop worrying about.  The most common of these are things like color contrast.  Our sophisticated contrast engine ensures that no matter where you use color, users cannot create a low contrast experience.  And that's just one of the big 25.

We have your back

if you are dinged for a violation, and the violation is covered by our certification, WebAIM - the country's leading university-based authority on web accessibility - will provide documentation you can use to protest the claim.

Staying Compliant

No CMS can completely prevent users from authoring non-conformant content.  And software checkers miss many errors.  To stay safe, you must monitor, fix, and train.  But who has the time.

508 HealthCheck.  Monitor. Fix. Train.

Have our team of experts review pages on your sites, identify errors, fix them with your webmasters, and train those webmasters to avoid the issue in the future.  Learn more about 508 HealthCheck.