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If you ask a teacher why they do it, they’ll never say, “for those moments when I see a pattern in the data.” They’ll tell you it’s for those moments when a former student shows up at the door and says,”You probably don’t remember me, but your class changed my life.”

At School Loop, we’re all about students and helping people work together to give them the best shot at success.  But fundamentally, our mission is to save teachers time.  Every second we save for a teacher gives another kid a chance to have a life-changing experience, why we do all this in the first place.


Mark Gross left a successful publishing career that included helping to create Business 2.0 to teach in a small learning community in San Jose. He loved the idea that if teachers can really get to know their students, and if those students know that they matter, there’s a real chance to make a difference.

Today, School Loop serves over 3,500 schools in 30 states. While our customer list includes the districts of San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Albuquerque, we believe that every teacher, every student and every parent is equally important, big district or small.